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Teachers and guidance counselors often are left with the most difficult task of writing recommendations for students whom they have little to say about, or for whom they do not have a high regard, or for whom they can’t promote too highly. Yet they dont want to ruin a student’s chances by not saying anything positive or by soundig too effusive in their praise that they come off as insincere, thus jeopardizing their top student’s chances. Add to that the family, community and school administration pressure of getting all students into the best possible colleges and universities, along with the inevitable late requests for recommendations and it’s no wonder teachers and counselors are sometimes more stressed during application season than the students.

Ivy Plus can help teachers and guidance counselors become the most effective advocates for their students, their schools and their communities. Ivy Plus can work with you and/or your school to bring our expertise and experience on the admissions side for your benefit in the following ways:

  • Ivy Plus College Admissions Experts Seminar giving a behind-scenes-look at the admissions process, at how an admissions office evaluates an applicant, and at how an admissions officer reads letters of recommendation
  • Ivy Plus College Admissions Experts Workshop on how to write an effective letter of recommendation
  • Ivy Plus College Admissions Experts Formal policy development for the school and students on letters of recommendation so that all consituents get the most out of the experience, colleges value the letters of recommendation coming from your specific school, and you and your school maximize the potential of each of your students
  • Ivy Plus College Admissions Experts One-on-one consulting for special cases

Contact Ivy Plus to find out how we can help teachers and guidance counselors with their students’ applications.


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