Ivy Plus Graduate admissions counseling provide complete admissions counseling for MA/MS, LLM, MD and PhD seeking clients, including the following:

  • Profile Evaluation – We evaluate your profile as an admissions officer would assess your application to determine your strengths and weaknesses and to guide each client go through a process of self-discovery of their own goals and passions.
  • Graduate program selection – We help you choose which programs to apply to using our our in-depth knowledge of graduate programs in the US and Europe – We will help find the best fit schools and programs for our clients.
  • Essay brainstorming and guidance – Our expert consultants will help develop the best ideas and notes for essays and help you craft the highest quality essays tailored to each individual program.
  • Resume review and guidance – We help each client develop their professional resume with a particular focus on how their resume impacts their applications.
  • Recommender selection and letter feedback – Most programs require letters of support from recommenders or referees.  We will provide guidance on who to select to be your recommender/referee, provide guidance on what the letters should contain and not contain, and provide feedback on the letters they write on your behalf.
  • Requirements and deadline tracking – Unfortunately, there is no common application for graduate programs and each school has its own set of requirements, essays, and deadlines. We will help you keep track of all the requirements and deadlines for each school we help you with.
  • Application completion – Ivy Plus helps our clients with the application forms themselves all the way up to submission.  Application forms can be cumbersome and intrusive to many international applicants. We help you answer the questions and get the forms completed.
  • Interview Preparation -  Some programs require an interview as part of the admissions process. The interview is a critical part of the process but it doesn’t have to be painful and nerve-wracking.  We help clients by demystifying the interview and identifying key strengths and points to address to common and unexpected questions.
  • Wait-List guidance -  If our client is wait-listed, we help guide our client through the wait-list process to help increase the likelihood that the client will be admitted off the wait-list.

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