Ivy Plus’ most popular service in the Individual Counseling service.  This service provides expert advice and guidance on the entire application process from beginning to end. Our Individual Counseling package includes the following:

  • Profile Evaluation & Application Assessment
  • University Search & Matching
  • Application Strategy Development
  • Essay Brainstorming & Assistance
  • Letter of Recommendation Assistance
  • CV/Resume/Activity Sheet Review
  • Application Forms Assistance
  • Requirements, Forms & Deadlines Management
  • Supplemental Material Assistance
  • Guidance on communication with schools, if necessary
  • Interview Prep (if necessary)
  • Wait List guidance

As this is a extensive service, Ivy Plus has limited spaces available towards the end of the year, when freshman applications are generally due, to work with clients.  Please contact us prior to the fall rush to ensure that we can help you put together the best possible applications.


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