Ivy Plus is an independent college, university and graduate admissions consulting practice committed to helping students get into to the colleges, universities, and graduate schools that they dream of attending ( Here is an explanation of the difference between a college and a university, hint: there’s not much difference). We help students choose the right schools to apply to, guide them in developing the best strategy to stand out and get accepted, and coach them on completing the most effective application based on that strategy … to get accepted.

  • 100% of Ivy Plus clients in 2011, and 97% of all our clients, got accepted to one of their top choice schools (*not ‘safety’ schools) in the US and Europe!

What makes Ivy Plus unique is our experience and expertise in admissions at one of the most selective universities in the US, Harvard (learn more about our founder and head counselor). We believe that in addition to our expertise and experience, our philosophy gives our applicants an advantage over the growing and large list of applicants competing for the same spots.

We believe that all students can find a college that suits them; where they can be successful academically, extracurricularly and socially; where they can mature, develop confidence and skills, and complete their studies knowing that they can reach their ultimate goals and aspirations.

Here is a partial list of the schools that Ivy Plus helped clients get accepted to (there are too many schools to list them all):


Harvard, Harvard Business School, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Columbia,  Columbia

Business School, Penn Penn Wharton Business School, Brown, Cornell,

Cornell Business School, Chicago, Chicago Booth Business School, Berkeley,

UCLA, NYU, NYU Law, NYU Stern Business School, Northwestern, LSE, UCL,

St. Andrews, Regents, Edinburgh


Texas, Texas A&M, Texas  Tech, Michigan, Michigan State, Boston University,

Boston University Business School, Notre Dame, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara,

UC Irvine, USC, Babson, Bucknell, College of William & Mary, Dickinson College,

George Washington, Northeastern, Rutgers, Rochester, Rochester Business School,

Minnesota, Massachussets, Rutgers, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Chapman,

Florida State, Florida Institute of Technology, Seton Hall, Fordham,

San Francisco State, Fresno State, Hofstra, West Virginia, St. Johns, Vermont,

Georgia, Kansas, Baylor, U British Columbia, European U Institute, U Zurich,

U Florence, Utrecht University, Prague Film School, American University of Rome,

American University of Paris.


U of San Francisco, U of San Diego, U of Denver, Suffolk, Roger Williams, Farleigh Dickinson


***Ivy Plus is an independent counseling service and is not affiliated with or an agent of any educational institution, including Ivy League member universities.


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