Client Testimonials

100% of Ivy Plus clients in 2011 got accepted to one of their top 2 target schools!

Here is what some of our clients are saying about us (unedited):

Dear Ivy Plus,

I wanted to thank you for the invaluable assistance you have provided for me in the application process. The quality of your advice, from beginning to end, including essay assistance, resume, letters of recommendation, interview preparation, and supplemental documents far exceeded my expectations.

Your inside knowledge of US college/university admission committee’s is invaluable to any applicant; you clearly know how the adcom’s think and what they are looking for.

Your results speaks for themselves, I had previously applied to business schools without success, but after getting your advice I have now been admitted to a program in New York, consistently ranked among the top 5 by the FT – I don’t think this would have happened had I not met you. You found the gems and wed out the holes in my unique story, making the application consistent and of the highest quality in the eyes of the adcom.

I have already recommended your services to my friends and family, and I know for a fact I will ask for your help again.

Before meeting you I thought of your services as a necessary cost, but as an investment professional, I can now say hand on heart, it has been the best investment I have ever made.

It has been easy /joy/pleasure to work with you.

Needless to say, I advice anyone applying to a US academic institution to ask for your advice.

Kind regards,


Here is what another client who got accepted to an Ivy League school had to say:

Dear Ivy Plus,

You not only helped me get into the school of my dreams, but also to understand the application process and American schooling on a deeper level. More importantly, you helped me to get to know myself – my strengths and weaknesses – better.

I got into several selective schools that I would not have made it into without Ivy Plus. Kent Fernandez does all he can to get to know you on a personal level, and this is what makes the applications he helps you make so good and honest. Because Mr. Fernandez knows what the application process looks like from the inside, he knows exactly what to include or exclude, and helps you remember things you did not know were important and had forgotten to help strengthen your story. He knows how to put everything together to make the best application. Because he has been the one to pick out the best of the best applications himself, he knows every stupid mistake one can make and make sure you don’t do any of them – things you might not even have thought of or noticed. He also knows all the little things that help strengthen your application and make you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Without Ivy Plus I am convinced I would not have made it into my top choice school. Everything in my applications is true, but I would not have known what to include or not, and how to put it together in such an impressive way doing the applications alone. Being that I am Norwegian, Mr. Fernandez helped me understand how to do it “The American way”. While writing the essays, Mr. Fernandez was always ready to go over them for you, and give you detailed advice. We would send my revised essays back and forth until we were satisfied.

Ivy Plus is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to get into a good college or university, but is unsure of the process, how to begin and what to say and how to say it. Mr. Fernandez knows all the secrets, and is willing to share if you are willing to open up.

With Ivy Plus I am now ready to continue my education at an Ivy League university. Thank you

Here is another client who got accepted to every school she applied to, including her dream school:

Applying to the US is a long and difficult process. I had no idea how to write my personal essays or what they should include. Therefore I chose to get some help, and Kent was exactly that. From the first meeting we had with him I understood that he knew what he was talking about. Together we found out what my strengths were and what my application should include. Kent has graduated from Harvard and has read hundreds of applications. He knows what works and what doesn’t. You have to stand-out from the hundreds of applications that the school receives, and Kent will help you to be that one application the admission office remembers.

The one thing I found really helpful with the Application Workshop was that it got me started. I kept putting things off, but with help from Kent it made it much easier to know were to begin and to start writing. We had two meetings with Kent, where we found the basics to what we should go forward with and had started to write our essays. In the time after the Workshop I had a lot of contact with Kent over emails. He asked me how things were going, checked deadlines, visited the school’s site for more information and, last but not least, he helped me complete the essays. Different schools ask for different essays, therefore you have to write several, and also approach the essays differently. Kent helped me here as well and he read my essays over and over to get the best possible result.

I highly recommend anyone who dreams of a study in the US to work with Kent. I applied to several schools and got accepted to all of them. It was a long-shot to apply to (my dream school), but with help from Kent I got accepted. Thank you Kent for helping me get into the school I have always wanted to go to!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to learn how you can take advantage or our admission office experience and GET ACCEPTED to your top choice school.


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